Best New Restaurants 2015: Revery

A pair of accomplished chefs set up shop at a new restaurant in downtown Greenwood.

Has Indy’s dining scene outgrown its borders such that duck-fat hash browns and foie gras with apricot salt have arrived in Greenwood? Thankfully, yes. At Revery, the well-traveled, Michelin-starred duo of Mark Heinrichs and Danny Salgado—who met at Chicago’s The Signature Room and later landed executive-chef jobs at Mesh on Mass—are putting their fearless spin on culinary-school classics with comforting appeal: cured and smoked pigs’ tails fried and doused in General Tso’s sauce, soft-boiled eggs crisped in a panko crust atop a Caesar salad. That their first collaboration—an exposed-brick and barn-wood–clad shrine to all things au courant in restaurant fashion—is packed most nights testifies to southside sophisticates who can recognize a good thing and are happy downing lamb-neck Bolognese and veal meatloaf by the plateful. Even local epicureans who rarely cross I-465 should consider making the drive for a thick-cut pork chop (no less delicate for the slab of pork belly it comes with), lightly fried chicken livers with violet mustard, and a banana-and-“toffee” pie scooped out of a Mason jar.

Sound Bites

Concept: Cheeky farm-to-table

Seats: 130

Owner: Mark Heinrichs

Chefs: Heinrichs and Danny Salgado

Pedigree: Heinrichs hails from culinary legends such as New Orleans’s Commander’s Palace. The CIA-trained Salgado earned his chops at Charlie Trotter’s.

Try it if you like: Black Market

Check it out:  299 W. Main St., Greenwood, 317-215-4164,