The Feed: Bodhi, Brozinni, And More

Brozinni pizza

Photo by Tony Valainis

Bodhi (922 Massachusetts Ave., 317-941-6595), the new Thai bistro that moved into the former Black Market space at the end of Mass Ave, is inches away from an official opening. The team of all-woman chefs invited diners to order takeout last week to help the kitchen get its groove.

Brozinni Pizzeria announced last week that it is expanding into Speedway, partnering with Speedway Indoor Karting at 1067 Main Street to bring guests a complete experience from wheel to pie.

The Cake Bake Shop (799 Hanover Place, Carmel, 317-257-2253) is at it again, this time installing huge, pink, LED-lit mushrooms to cast light on the outdoor bistro tables outside. Drive or walk past Cake Bake Carmel to take in the fairytale mushroom farm vibe.

Cardinal Spirits is well known for canning innovative cocktails for easy drinking, and the Bloomington distillery has put another banger in aluminum, the Bourbon Cream Soda. Hitting shelves in Indiana first, the spiked version of that soda you loved when you were a kid practically begs to be poured into an ice-cold glass and topped with a scoop of ice cream.

Amelia’s (653 Virginia Ave., 317-686-1583) is doing something really fun for loyal patrons: brownie scrap trivia. Every so often, the Amelia’s team will post a trivia question about the bakery, a particular item, or some company history, and the first person to answer wins a bag of the brownie edges cut off of their buckwheat brownies to make those perfect squares. It all happens on Instagram stories, to make sure to tap that glowing circle when it pops up on your feed.

Gordon’s Milkshake Bar (865 Massachusetts Ave.) has added 450 North canned beers to its menu of towering, thick milkshakes. They’ve also worked with the neighbor Love Handle to get some tables and gathering space in the alley west of that section of shops. Over the weekend, DJ Grapevine set up shop there, playing tunes in the afternoon in a preview of summer.

There’s a new menu ready to devour at Lil Dumplings. Echoing the mashed-up flavors that made Rook famous, owner Carlos Salazar has added fusion items like Pad Thai fries (waffle fries topped with sprouts, tamarind, fermented chili mayo, peanuts, and scallions) and a few nods to East Coast bodega sandwiches, like the chopped cheese and the cheesesteak, plus traditional stuff like a Laotian sausage sandwich on a baguette.