Best Indy Spas: Buff Enough

Gentlemen’s Facial, $95, at La Beaute Spa Du Jour

The Premise: Soapy hot water isn’t just for your dishes, it’s also for your mug. I’ve learned this over time and have gone the extra mile in taking pretty decent care of my face (for a guy), with daily use of the aforementioned and, more importantly, moisturizer and sunscreen. But a facial? Me? With a 25th class reunion a week away, I looked in the mirror and figured, what the heck? Desperate times. After a quick consultation, the esthetician determined the water I’d been using was too hot, and as a result my face was dry. “What’s the difference between a gentlemen’s facial and a facial-facial?” I asked. Here came the real revelation: none. Although my esthetician did use products that had little to no scent.

The Process: She started with a non-drying astringent, followed by a deep cleansing, two rounds of exfoliating, blackhead extraction, a pore-tightening masque, a fantastically long facial massage, and finally an application of moisturizer and sunscreen. The extraction process—which necessitated that the esthetician exert a fair amount of pressure on my face—was slightly uncomfortable. But the memory of the minor irritation vanished during the massage, a swirling shimmer of tender fingertips that almost carried me into deep REM.

The Vibe: Zamfir, Master of the Pan Flute, meets a Brookstone.

The Result: My skin felt super-smooth, and a few of the fine lines had receded. But the best part is that when I told someone I was going to a class reunion, she asked if it was my 10th. I almost hugged her. No lie.

Before You Go: Get right with the idea of having your face stroked for an hour. This isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Wish We’d Known: The intensive extraction process is no joke; my Zen state was interrupted for 10 minutes.

Bonus Tip Your face might look a little flushed after all that hands-on attention, but it passes after 30 minutes or so.

Try This If: You are secure in your manhood.

3940 W. 96th St., 317-872-3380,