Indy Model Featured in Kanye’s Fashion Show

Broad Ripple model shines in Kanye’s New York Season 4 show.

Well, the Wednesday production for New York Fashion Week was disastrous according to several fashion critics, anyway. Supposedly, a bevy of “multiracial”-only models—Broad Ripple artist Ashley Chew among them—endured well over an hour of standing in the sun in Roosevelt Park, wearing flesh-toned Lycra … um, we’re not entirely sure what. One by one, a few models kneeled to the grass in exhaustion, and audience members offered them bottles of water.

Ashley Chew in foreground, wearing unitard with hole cut out.

But! Chew, who started the “Black Models Matter” movement—which you can read more about in our September interview with her—managed to look fierce, as always. Hopefully by now she’s holed up somewhere with air conditioning.

Ashley Chew is pictured second from the left.