25 Days Of Holiday Gifts: The Local Tunes

Our favorite local finds, Monday through Friday, for your giving pleasure.
Searching for the perfect item for the audiophile in your life? Bestow their eardrums with the gift of music. While dozens of local acts have released tunes this year, here’s some of our favorite vinyl sourced from Luna Music (5202 N. College Ave., 317-283-5862), but available at your favorite Indy record store.

Richard Edwards, former lead singer of Margot and The Nuclear So & So’s, released his second album of the year. Produced and distributed by local record label Joyful Noise, Pity Party! is a live to 2″ tape acoustic album that features songs from this year’s LP by Edwards, Lemon Cotton Candy Sunset, as well as tracks cut with Margot and an upcoming solo album. Only 1,200 copies of Pity Party! were pressed, and chances are high you’ll snag a coveted signed copy from Richard. $24.99

After 30 years of touring around with bands and fronting local projects, Vess Ruhtenberg has released his first solo work. Presented on beautiful orange vinyl, Tremendous downtime features 11 tracks that were written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Ruhtenberg himself and without the use of computers. However, technology did play a helpful role in getting the album distributed, thanks to a successful crowd-sourcing campaign via Kickstarter. $19.99

Finally, local mainstays of the Chatterbox Music Club Sarah Grain & The Billions of Stars have released their first album, Something Wild. Together since 2014, the band blends jazz, folk, bossa nova, and rock across eight tracks. $19.99