Parisians Are Not As Excited About New Nonstop Flight As We Are

But we have ideas to fix that.
Delta’s forthcoming nonstop flight from Indy to Paris is also a nonstop flight from Paris to Indy. But so far, we can’t find any evidence of passport-carrying Parisians breathlessly spreading the word on social media. It appears that no one living in the Île-de-France region is dreaming of a journey to the Crossroads of America and asking friends to recommend the best vineyards in Michiana for a side trip. Publications Le Monde, L’Équipe, and Charlie Hebdo have yet to inform their readers of the flight that saves them the trouble of making a connection to reach a city they’ve had air service to for decades. It appears that few, if any, citizens or poodles in north-central France are deliriously atingle about flying to Indianapolis a little faster.
But ennui is for the French. Hoosiers roll up their sleeves and solve problems. Here are a few ways future Tourism Ambassador to France Martha Hoover could lure her people over yonder.
“Our Notre Dame has fewer tourists.”
“The only American city where Café Patachous outnumber Cheesecake Factorys.”
“Once home of the department store Parisian.”
“Alexander Ralston, who designed Indianapolis, studied under D.C. architect Pierre L’Enfant, who was influenced by the Gardens of Versailles. Come discover your stepsister city!”
“See what your life could have looked like if your crazy politicians had been elected.”
“Stay on the Place de la Monument on Rue Marquette!”
“Cat cafes, carbs, bikeshare, Simon Pagenaud: All the comforts of maison.”
“Want to feel thin? Mingle with us.”