Unspoken Rules: The Artcraft Theatre

Photo by Tony Valainis
  • THIS MONTH’S movies include spooky classics, such as the 1922 silent ­film Nosferatu, which premiered the same year this Art Deco institution opened.
  • Order tickets before the 625-seat auditorium sells out and pick them up at will-call before the show.
  • Arrive in time to find your seat before the pre-show activities begin at 7:30 p.m. Those include a folksy welcome monologue by executive director Rob Shilts, a raffle, and a live skit by costumed staff who act out a scene from the evening’s movie.
  • The guest who drove the farthest gets a prize.
  • Stand up for the national anthem.
  • Take a seat for the classic cartoon reel.
  • Popcorn re­fills are free.