Chilling Transcript of Dr. Gregory Konrath’s Alleged Murder Plot

The strange story of Dr. Gregory Konrath makes it to prime time.
Frequent Indianapolis Monthly contributor Allison Copenbarger Vance came to the strange story of Dr. Gregory Konrath though the transcript of an audio recording, which outlined the orthopedic surgeon’s alleged plan to kill his ex-wife. The document was the genesis for one of IM’s most popular stories this year, “The Proposal.” On Friday, Sept. 18 at 10 p.m., ABC’s 20/20—with a little help from Copenbarger Vance—will introduce Konrath to a national television audience.

Here, the chilling transcript that put the doctor behind bars and into our magazine:


Plus: WIBC interviews Copenbarger Vance on The Proposal.

Listen to the first half of the interview here, which aired on WIBC July 12:


The second half of the interview: