The Weirdest Result of Hoosier Woman's Anthony Weiner Scandal

Airline somehow ties the gossip to a fare sale

By now you’ve heard that a Hoosier resident named Sydney Leathers is the latest woman revealed to have been involved with serial sexter Anthony Weiner, a former New York congressman now running for mayor in the Big Apple. The news broke Wednesday that Weiner and Leathers, a 23-year-old reportedly living in Princeton, Ind., exchanged tawdry texts in 2012, and the beleaguered politician used the alias “Carlos Danger.” (It’s been reported that Leathers was a blogger for Indiana Progressive Liberals, but the group refuted that claim on its Facebook page.) Weiner confirmed this latest accusation, and his mayoral opponents immediately called for him to drop out of the race. But some people aren’t taking the story so seriously. Indy-based writer Rob Annis blogged on AOL-owned Gadling, a travel site, that Sprint Airlines is running a sale called “The Weiner Rises Again,” accompanied by a graphic of a hot-dog mascot. The post quickly topped Gadling’s most-popular list. Sprint’s sale ends today—but unfortunately for Leathers, the media’s interest in her private life probably won’t.