Airport Art: Indiana, Naturally

IND is now showing three separate displays of Hoosier flora and fauna—and travelers get to see the best of it.

Indianapolis International Airport often incorporates art for passersby to gawk at throughout their arrivals and departures. The trend continues now with Indiana, Naturally, which showcases 50 distinct art pieces selected from more than 500 submissions. The exhibit was birthed from a partnership between the airport and The Nature Conservancy in Indiana. TNC’s Indiana state director, Mary McConnell, hopes to expose Indiana’s beauty through natural and artistic photography.

“The goal for the exhibit is simply to showcase the beauty and diversity of Indiana, for Hoosiers as well as travelers from every corner of the globe,” McConnell tells IM. “Indiana has so much to offer, and we want everyone to get a taste of its natural beauty.”

The artwork is displayed in three separate cases, all close to IND’s Civic Plaza. Two are visible by all and sit next to the main ticket counters—right next to guest services. The third is displayed in Concourse B, exclusive to travelers. It’s also the most impressive artwork, with tasteful filters and edits layering each photograph.

Jeremy Efroymson, art collector and vice chair of the Efroymson Family Fund, served as one of the jurors and is excited about the work. “I was impressed with the quality of nature photographers, both professional and amateur, that we have in Indiana,” he says.

During the selection process, the goal for Efroymson and four other jurors was to display a robust collection of all things nature. “We attempted to present a variety of images, both in terms of the forests, lakes, rivers, and natural areas as well as the different types of wildlife in Indiana,” Efroymson says. “I hope the show portrays a cross-section of the flora and fauna in the state, as well as the breadth of our natural landscape.”

Indiana, Naturally is on display now through August 7.