The Podcast on Politics and Education: Indianoplace, Importantville, and Charter Schools

Talking IN Circles: Episode 3

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Episode 3 of the Indianapolis Monthly podcast tackles politics in a big way. Our guest this week is Adam Wren. As a Politico contributor, Wren was at the early Trump rallies, followed the Veepstakes, and was even blacklisted by the GOP candidate. He discusses the importance that Indiana and Indianapolis are playing in the contests this November.

As an Indianapolis Monthly contributor, Wren took a 30,000 foot view of education in Indianapolis in our October Issue, online here. He and Michael Rubino, who has also penned an education feature for Indianapolis Monthly, enjoy a lively discussion on the state of charter schools in Central Indiana.

Look for the Talking IN Circles podcast every Friday. We are going to dive down into the culture of the city and find the next big ideas. We want to bring you the city’s story tellers, the big dreamers, and the change makers. We’ll host local chefs, celebrities, and athletes in round-table discussions. You’ll know your city inside and out with us.

Jared Hay is the Digital Media Manager at Indianapolis Monthly. Share your podcast feedback and thoughts with us on Twitter at @IndyMonthly. Follow the self-proclaimed Indy GIF master on Twitter at@MARubino and get to know co-host and former Tweets of the Week mainstay Brock Benefiel on Twitter at@BrockBenefiel. Be sure to follow Adam Wren’s Twitter feed as election season swells, we cannot recommend it enough. Opening music from Indianapolis band Audiodacity. Check them out!