Q&A: Author John Green at Indy Reads Books Opening

It was a busy day for Indy Reads Books; the new store had just opened this morning, and by 5 p.m., it was hosting a rare local reading by Indy author John Green. He spoke to readers and answered questions with his signature energy and wit, and afterward hundreds of readers waited patiently for a chance to speak with the author while he signed their books (and, in one case, a hat). After the marathon session, Green found time to talk with us.

MIKE POTTER: I heard you speaking with Travis DiNicola, and you said that Indy Reads Books represents one of the reasons why you love living in the city. Could you expand on that? 

JOHN GREEN: Well, first I think it’s really exciting to be living in a city that’s opening bookstores instead of closing them like so many other cities are. That’s the first thing. The second thing is I like that this bookstore is finding a model of selling books that also embraces some philanthropy. I think that’s really cool, and interesting, and that Hoosier spiritwithout sounding cheesy about itis a lot of what attracts us to this place.

MP: What’s been your favorite part of living in Indianapolis thus far?

JG: Well, my wife works at the Indianapoilis Museum of Art, so I think I’m contractually obligated to say my favorite part is the IMA. But it really is. I love the art and nature park; I love the museum itself. I love biking in Indianapolis, and it’s a great place to build a small business. We have a few employees here now and the people are really talented. There’s a lot of good energy about the place. But it’s also a little under the radar, versus a place like Chicago, which I like. I like feeling that I’m in a city that’s on the make.

MP: You don’t do a lot of local readings. Are there any coming up that you could hint at for us?

JG: I don’t do public signings much because they make me really anxious. I will probably do something in the fall. I mean, I really enjoy doing them. I’m super psyched to meet readers, and it’s just an amazing feeling. But my brain just wasn’t wired right at some point so like, for a week before, I worry and worry and worry. But I should do something in the fall; I’ll really try to do something in the fall.

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