John Green’s Paper Towns Has Its Movie Starlet

A Brit lands the role of Margo.
Back in June, Indy native and author John Green saw one of his books, The Fault in Our Stars, turn into a box-office hit. As it was Green’s first book to become a movie, IM tried to predict which of his other books would become a movie next, and who would play the lead roles. We offered up Emma Watson to take the lead as Margo in Paper Towns.
We were wrong.
Instead, it will be 21-year-old British actress and model Cara Delevingne. She will star alongside Nat Wolff, who was previously featured in The Fault in Our Stars and befriended Green during that movie’s shooting. Before this movie, Delevingne previously starred in the 2012 drama Anna Karenina, based on the eponymous Leo Tolstoy novel. Delevingne also will star in several other movies this year, including Kids in Love and The Face of an Angel.
The young actress tweeted excitedly about her next project:
Entertainment magazines quickly weighed in on the news. Variety wrote,  “After the success of Stars, which grossed $280 million worldwide, Fox is hopeful fans will have an appetite for another complex YA love story.” Vogue UK noted the starlet’s budding appeal: “Having captivated the fashion world since she arrived on the scene, Delevingne does seem a natural fit to play the mysterious Margo.”
John Green himself also weighed in (via Twitter, of course):
Paper Towns is a story about childhood friends Quentin Jacobson and Margo Speigelman, who seek revenge on the people who wronged her. When she disappears from her Florida subdivision, Quentin seeks to find her.