Chorus Lines: Straight No Chaser

Which member has a podcast? Is a family man? Loves his dog? The boys of the IU-born a cappella group chime in.­

David Roberts
Don had this massive afro [in college]. Big, round, orange—like Push Pop orange. It was awesome.” [And actually red.]
Don Nottingham
Baritone/vocal percussion
Steve sleeps like five hours a night and wants to work out like twice the next day. He doesn’t even drink coffee. He’s just a natural-energy kind of guy.”
Steve Morgan
Randy is a super techno-geek. The moment something happens, somebody says, ‘Oh man, did we record that?’ And they’ll say, ‘Don’t worry, Randy’s already got it on the Internet.’”
Randy Stine
Charlie sings bass like me, so everyone likes to make jokes about the fact that we sing very few words. Usually we’re singing doos and das and bums and things.”
Charlie Mechling
Jerome was obsessed with The Sound of Music as a kid. He’d go all over his house doing all the songs. We always joke that he was spinning like Maria in his yard.”

LET’S GO! Straight No Chaser plays the Murat Theatre on Dec. 21 and 22.

Jerome Collins
“Every joke that Seggie says, Tyler will laugh at it. Even if it isn’t funny.”
Tyler Trepp
Tenor/vocal percussion
“If there’s a phobia for being late, Seggie has it. He’ll set his phone alarm and the hotel’s alarm clock and get a wake-up call.”
Seggie Isho
“A good way to sum up Walt is a short story, long. He’ll take a story that is supposed to be five or six words and make it into a 200-word, double-spaced essay.”
Mike’s the heartthrob; he’s the looker. We’ve got this ongoing joke. After every show, we do a signing line and photos. There’s another line of girls who want their picture with just Mike.”
Michael Luginbill
Walt has a podcast. It’s called The Chase. Ryan Ahlwardt, a former group member, has a segment where he emulates the lead singer of Coldplay. It’s really funny.”
Walter Chase
D.R. [David Roberts] is obsessed with his dog. He created a Twitter account for him [@rileyrobertsdog]. He talks to him in baby voices. He’ll get on FaceTime with the dog, as well.”
This article appeared in the December 2013 issue.