Charles Barkley ‘Mistakes’ Annapolis for Indy

A funny thing happened on the way to the Final Four.
You might expect a film, no matter how fleeting, that features Charles Barkley, Spike Lee, and Samuel L. Jackson to be some kind of absurd. These stars of sport and screen are happy to comply in a new Capitol One commercial, beckoning March Madness fans to make their way to Annapolis Indianapolis for the Final Four April 6 through 8. Roll tape:

It’s hardly the first time this comedic trope has been trotted out. Just a year ago, NBC’s The Maya Rudolph Show made a similar quip. (See exhibits A and B.) But don’t worry, Sir Charles: Indianapolitans, or Naptowners, or whatever we’re calling ourselves lately*, we’ll welcome you with open arms soon enough.


*You see, we’re not always sure of our own identity.