My Look: Infamous Jones’s Watch

His Diesel watch has four time zones on it.
My Look Infamous Jones

Tattoo artist Marlon “Infamous” Jones counts Paul George as a client. When he’s not behind the needle, he’s searching for stylish additions to his wardrobe, like this coaster-sized Diesel watch.

Why this timepiece?
I liked the gold, but more so the size of the face and all the different dials. It has four time zones and a lot of little specks on it. I’m OCD about details in tattoos, which is why I like this watch—it has a lot of detail.

What do you pair it with?
I usually wear it when I get spiffy. I try to dress up a little bit.

Any wish-list items?
I need more sunglasses. I had a nice pair of Cartier glasses when I was in college at Michigan State. They had the wood grain over the ear and a gold triangle that connected the rim of the glasses to the frame. They had gold around the actual glass and a brownish, Coca-Cola–like tint.

What made you want to become a tattoo artist?
When I was young, I went to a creative-arts school in Wisconsin. The way some schools are adamant about math and science, that’s what art was there.

How did you meet Paul George?
Greg Toler with the Colts gave my number to his barber.

What tattoo did you give him?
It’s a portrait of his father with the 300 warrior helmet on—a picture of his dad as Leonidas, the Spartan king.

This article appeared in the August 2015 issue.