Review: Dos Fallopia at Phoenix Theatre

Musical comedy duo shines in sendup of vintage game shows, classic rock musicians, and more

The comedy duo of Sally Koch and Peggy Platt is a revelation in the realms of LGBT and political humor. Known as Dos Fallopia, the two women, accompanied by Deb Sargent and Kevin D. Smith, brought their variety-show-inspired sketch comedy act at the Phoenix Theatre. (Shows continue through July 14.)

Koch and Platt opened their performance as pair called the Polka Dots, who “put the fun back in funeral” at an Indiana-based funeral convention. The two kept the satire local with other references to the Hoosier State, including its “French Lick Gay Men’s Chorus.” More fodder centered on the Supreme Court’s recent rulings on same-sex marriage.

This tandem’s comic timing was apparent throughout the show, but Platt’s ability to ad-lib smart comedy was spot on. First she hushed a heckler. In a later scene parodying Family Feud, the show had “the Bunkers” facing off with audience members, with my mother as one of the chosen few. In this bit, Platt played the boisterously bigoted Archie, and Koch took on the role of Edith as they sang the theme song to All in the Family. I actually got chills, thinking the late Jean Stapleton was visiting from the afterlife. Koch’s rendition would’ve made her very proud. Alongside the Bunker family was Maude (Deb Sargent), whose Bea Arthur–esque tone was also obviously well rehearsed, and reminiscent of the famed character’s voice and no-nonsense, feminist attitude.

Koch’s musical talent was showcased in all of the acts, but the most apparent display of marrying music and comedy came when Koch and Platt transformed into “Heartwood Mac” (yes, think Fleetwood). Platt went over the top in portraying a drug-riddled “Nicky Steves,” feigning falling asleep at the mic and pulling drug paraphernalia from her brassiere. Even through several stage and costume changes, the two capably stayed in character, never letting their talents falter.

Heavy on the comedy, but light in its nature, Dos Fallopia isn’t meant for children—though many of the innuendos might fly right over their heads anyway. Several very familiar songs are parodied, including Kool & The Gang’s “Celebration,” Johnny Cash and June Carter’s “Jackson,” and several Fleetwood Mac favorites (“Changes,” “Edge of Seventeen”).

Skits were random and lacked fluidity from one to the next, and vintage videos shown during set and costume changes were strange and didn’t aid the transitions, though that was likely the intention. But the show got my mother out of her comfort zone, and made for one of the best times we’ve had at the theater. Catch it while you still can.


Show runs through July 14. Thurs. 7 p.m., Fri. 8 p.m., Sat. 8 p.m., Sun. 2 p.m. $28 for adults; $18 for 21 and under. Phoenix Theatre, 749 N. Park Ave., 317-635-7529.