Unspoken Rules of Tappers Arcade Bar

How to win the night at Fletcher Place’s arcade bar, if not Ms. Pac-Man.

• No quarters required! Games are gratis!

• Except pinball.

• Free play makes you less interested in avoiding death. Charge that giant boss with Wolverine claws? SURE, WHY NOT.

• There aren’t really lines—a game is generally available within 10 feet.

• The soundtrack is straight ’80s—and somehow, “Invisible Touch” makes you better at Galaga.

• NBA Jam’s most popular team at this location: Reggie Miller and Rik Smits.

• When you don’t remember how to play NBA Jam, Rik Smits takes a lot of 3s.

• The X-Men game has six players. Jump on and make new friends.

• It is acceptable to yell, “Finish him!” You kind of have to.

• Powering down? ClusterTruck arrives in 10 minutes. 

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