Girls Go Ga-Ga for Luyendyk at Indy "Bachelor" Party


The feeling of anticipation at The Bachelor premiere party in Indianapolis last night was contagious, as enthusiastic young women sought out seats with perfect views of the man of the night: former Bachelorette contestant and racecar driver Arie Luyendyk Jr. An electrified crowd of mostly females in their 20s and 30s filled the first floor and balcony of the Indianapolis Museum of Art’s Tobias Theater.

Pre-Q&A, the attendees sipped wine from plastic cups (what better way to celebrate Sean Lowe’s first show of the new Bachelor season than wine with girlfriends?) and prepared questions for Luyendyk, while critiquing the outfits of other girls and running to the popcorn bar for refills. Backstage, the Bachelorette heartthrob got a pep talk from his manager. The starstruck fans cheered (some with liquid courage) when the hunk finally appeared, and screams of “Arie, we love you!” came from a group sitting in the back rows.

After the Q&A—popular topics included racing, Lowe, “bachelorette” Emily Maynard, and former Bachelor winner (and Luyendyk ex) Courtney Robertson—the episode screening opened with Luyendyk giving Lowe advice on kissing and how to offer a rose to the lucky contestants. Five variations of will you accept this rose? later, the two dreamboats seemed confident about their chosen style.

The drama unraveled as the new Bachelor contestants met each other after brief introductions with Lowe, and emotions ran high when contestant Tierra came on screen with a rose before the ceremony. Only 19 women were given roses at the end of the show; seven heartbroken ladies left as they had arrived—single and still searching.

The drama and tears kept fans at the viewing party on the edge of their seats. Should be another good season.