Laugh Tracking

The ComedySportz World Championship comes to town this month, and the competition is no joke.
ComedySportz World Championship map
If you’ve been to ComedySportz on Mass Ave, you know the drill practiced in 25 cities around the world where CSz has a presence: team improv, a referee in zebra stripes, no foul language, loudest applause wins. And audience members who let an obscenity fly must wear a brown bag on their head.

This year’s battle for world athletic-themed-comedy domination throws down June 6 to 11 on the local troupe’s stage, and because ticket-holders determine each match winner, the host city has a huge advantage (those teams have triumphed all but once). Still, Indy won’t necessarily have the last laugh. Veteran player Claire Wilcher, who roadtripped to all American CSz cities last year in an RV named Large Marge, revisited her travelogue to size up the opponents.