Quick Q&A: Josh Kaufman, Soon to Play the Vogue

Fresh from a national tour and a Broadway show, Voice winner Josh Kaufman visits the Vogue on April 25.

Since your win on TV, have you made it back to Potbelly on Monument Circle, where you used to play?
I haven’t been in to play, but when I sang for the Circle of Lights, I ate there with my family.

Favorite menu item?
Well, I’m vegetarian, so that limits my options. But the Mediterranean sandwich is great.

What do your three kids think of Dad singing up there onstage?
They’re young enough that they don’t realize it’s out of the ordinary. It has provided some great opportunities for them, though. They visited L.A. to see some filming of the show, and they got to spend a couple of weeks in New York when I was in the Broadway show Pippin.

How did it feel to wrap up your first Broadway gig?  
You think to yourself, “This is a really big thing that’s ending.” So there’s a bit of sadness involved. But I’m always moving on to the next thing.