5 Non-Goals from Hoosier Blogger Erin Loechner

Forget New Year’s resolutions. We’ll take this author’s advice instead.

Erin Loechner is often pigeonholed as a style blogger. (We’re guilty, too.) But this writer in Northern Indiana—while supremely gifted in the arts of dressing, decorating, and Instagramming, chronicled in monochrome on Design for Mankind—has matured into an insightful, gracious thinker and essayist. Her new memoir, Chasing Slow, champions going easy on oneself as a way of simplifying and appreciating life. One of her tricks is to create “non-goals” instead of New Year’s resolutions. Oh, yeah. We’re on board with this. Tell us more, Erin!
Instead of: Go to yoga three times per week.
Try: Go to yoga three times per week. But if your mother calls and it’s Bingo night, get thee a dauber.
Instead of: Cut out sugar.
Try: Cut out sugar. Exception: When the waiter offers an artisan salted-caramel deconstructed sundae, pass the spoon, and stat.
Instead of: Save more money.
Try: Save more money. Unless we’re talking plane tickets to Florence. In that case, viaggio sicuro!
Instead of: Read more classic novels.
Try: Read more classic novels. But if you wind up renting the movie instead, don’t beat yourself up ’bout it, okay?
Instead of: Spend less time on the internet.
Try: Spend less time on the internet. (Yep. This one’s good.)


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