Five Things You Didn’t Know About Hip-Hop Festival Chreece

Chreece returns to Fountain Square for its second year on August 27, and if you weren’t there last summer, you definitely don’t want to miss it this time around. The hip-hop festival brought in 60 performers last year and ran all day. This year, it runs for 13 hours and has 79 performers across nine stages. Hip-hop, trap rap, art rap, jazz, and funk come together for a day celebrating Indiana and the Midwest’s hip-hop scene.

1. “Chreece” Actually Means Something

The word comes from founder and local hip-hop legend Oreo Jones. It is a combination of “cheers” and “peace,” pronounced “treese.” Last year, the support artists were giving each other was astounding—the love that Indianapolis gave its often-overlooked hip-hop community was amazing.

2. Venues

This year’s venues are more focused on all-ages spaces, with three running all day and General Public Collective hosting headliners for the under-21 set. While they aren’t quite as strange as last year’s Pizza King venue, it’s still going to be a great way to check out the neighborhood. This year, we’re heading to Joyful Noise Recordings for their intimate space and to peruse their vinyl collection between sets, then we’ll swing by the new venue Fountain Square Brewing to cool off with a pint of their Workingman Pilsner.

3. Expect a Sellout Crowd

Last year, Chreece sold all 700 wristbands they had, and every venue ended up at max capacity at the end of the night. Festivalgoers under 21 scalped their wristbands to those who could get into the bars but showed up late to buy one. The Fountain Square Plaza had DJs spin all day, and an estimated 1,100 people came out to dance.

4. It’s A Good Cause

Last year, every dollar earned from wristband sales went to supporting Music Family Tree. MFT is a nonprofit in Indianapolis whose mission is “spreading Indiana music.” Its website is a catalog of all the music that has come out of Indiana and is available to listen or download. While helping musicians get their music out there, it has also been doing a “Music Video In A Day” series, giving artists another way to be seen.

5. The Talent is Seriously Top-Notch

Oreo Jones has an ear for talent and uses it to bring in the best musicians around Indiana and the Midwest. This year, the headliner will be Cleveland’s Marcus Alan Ward, who blends funk and roots with modern hip-hop. Oreo Jones’s group Ghost Gun Summer will, of course, be performing—again this is one that can’t be missed. Last year, The Hi-Fi was filled to capacity with people jumping and rapping along with their song “Bill Murray.” And make sure to keep an eye out for local art and new shirt designs rolling out.

Check out the schedule and buy tickets here.