Good Bones Gets Renewed for Second Season

Good Bones just got renewed for a second season on HGTV, meaning Indy home renovators Mina Starsniak and Karen E Laine will continue to take us on a tour of the local resources they rely on to flip houses with TV-ready results. Like these four go-tos:


Mina: Always a great place to find pieces that add texture to a space. Whether it’s a little knickknack or a chair, everything looks like it has a story. They have antiques, reclaimed items, and just cool, funky pieces. Walking through, I usually find at least a handful of crazy-cool items that I honestly don’t even know what they are! Of course, Mom knows and explains them to me.


Mina: Kittle’s is just amazing. It’s literally acres of amazing, and between Kittle’s and Kittle’s Studio, you can find larger home decorating items in all styles. Its huge selection is a big draw.

Cutting Edge Concepts

Mina: We get all of our granite here. If they don’t have the stone you want, they can usually find it for you. And Arin, the beautiful brunette you saw in one of the first few episodes, is very knowledgeable and helpful—and patient.

Karen: She puts up with Mina on a regular basis, so she’s practically a saint.

Inhabit Living

Mina: A cool local place in Irvington to look for unique lighting.