Unspoken Rules: Heartland Film Festival

How to binge-watch your favorite indie movies.
Tickets are $2 cheaper on the Heartland Film Festival website. Plus, no fees!

Movies sell out. Don’t wait ’til the last minute to buy a ticket.

Google reviews. With more than 130 movies, some are bound to be stinkers.

See anything starring Parker Posey.

Arm yourself with the festival guide and time chart, which includes a synopsis of all movies and a schedule in time blocks.

Marathon strategy: Code the program by movies you really want to see, kind of want to see, and would be willing to see. Transfer the codes to the time chart and find days with the best lineup. Take off work.

But don’t rely on the chart if you’re squeezing in back-to-back films. Do the runtime math yourself.

Q&A sessions with filmmakers follow many screenings.

Ask filmmakers what other movies they want to see. Go watch those.

Heartland’s rep as a Christian festival isn’t correct, so if someone’s cellphone rings, give ’em hell.