The IMAX Theater At Indiana State Museum Turns Ready Player One Into A Game For All Of Us

Finally, the cure for your Pokémon Go hangover.
Have you ever noticed that downtown Indianapolis is one big playground? Not the schoolyard kind, but an urban version—grab a bike from a kiosk, paddle the canal, run the War Memorial steps, pose with the Love Indy sculpture, bang on drums at the Rhythm! Discovery Center. Even American Ninja Warrior has figured it out.

The IMAX Theater at Indiana State Museum is embracing the theory. Next week, the theater will launch its second scavenger hunt tied to a big movie release. Last fall, theater manager Craig Mince hid Star Wars–themed coffee mugs around downtown and posted location clues on Instagram. The first person who found the mug kept the prize and received tickets to a special screening of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Mugs were gone within minutes. Some fans prowled the streets while refreshing their feeds so they could dart directly to the location.

A few unlucky ones, though, fumed that the mugs were too easy to find and therefore claimed too fast. So for Steven Spielberg’s upcoming Ready Player One, the museum is leveling up the game. Each day starting March 26, it will issue a photo challenge, like taking a selfie with the mayor, or a DeLorean. There will be a points system, a scoreboard to follow, and a grand prize—a Microsoft HTC Vive Virtual Reality set, worth $599.

Follow @IndyIMAX on Instagram for the details. The movie premieres at the theater in 3-D on March 28.

Ready, spring breakers?