Julia Louis-Dreyfus Channels Hillary Clinton With Dreary Indy Photo

The ”Veep” brings out all our insecurities with one dreary photo.
It certainly isn’t rare for a celebrity to come to Indianapolis. It seems rare though that when they do visit, they don’t have obvious glowing things to say about their stay. Maybe that is due to an incredible job by Visit Indy in promoting the positivity, or maybe we just crave the validation.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus was in town because her son was on the Northwestern Wildcats in the Big Ten Tournament. It rained during her stay. She shared a photo that wasn’t so flattering. After just recently getting over the ‘Indianoplace’ snub by Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, all our insecurities are laid bare with this depressing photo.


This is Indianapolis in a light rain.

Posted by Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Thursday, March 10, 2016




The 8 Responses

The Standard St. Elmo Plug

Jack Gould If you want the best that downtown Indianapolis has to offer go to St Elmo’s steakhouse, and definitely have a shrimp cocktail

Another Shameless Local Business Plug With Sneaky Seinfeld Joke (No Soup For You!)

Bradley Billeisen Come by my soup shop. It’s called Soupremacy. All scratch made and pretty damn good.

The Indy is a Small Town Comment

Jodi Cheetah Combs-Kalla I love small towns in the rain.

The Backlash to Indy is a Small Town Comment

Joshua Joseph Xavier Malcak Guys…. Guys…. let’s remain at chill levels. To some people a populous of 1.5 million IS a small town.

The Hoosiers Think Olive Garden is a Good Meal Comment

Anne-Marie Dumaresq My husband’s father who has never set foot outside of the state, sent us a $50 gift card for the Olive Garden. We live in the SF Bay Area and he told us to have a “good meal”.

The Religious Jokes

Tim Davis Time to stock up on religious supplies…

The Dillinger Reference

Adam Alliss I kinda imagine Dillinger for some reason, coming out with a devils smile and a bag full of cash…

The All-Caps Patriots Bro

Stephen Murphy LET’S GO PATS!!!!!



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