For Sale: The Tiny House of Your Dreams

Plus: a local resource group to answer all your tiny-house questions.

Smitten with the bare-necessities concept at the heart of the tiny-house movement? One local couple has put their wee farmhouse-on-wheels up for grabs, and this little dwelling has a lot of bells and whistles without betraying the whole minimalist soul that the lifestyle embodies.

The owners of this darling houselet say HGTV wanted to feature it when it was built in Idaho. The house made the trip all the way to Indiana, proving its road-worthiness. Inside, there’s 272 square feet of adorable function. Reclaimed-wood walls and a potbelly wood-burning stove establish the rustic theme. The kitchen has a double farmhouse sink, handmade pendant lights on ropes, a dishwasher, a four-burner propane stove, and refrigerator and freezer. An aluminum washtub serves as the shower pan in the bathroom. Residents sleep in a large loft, and there’s also a guest bunk below. Storage is concealed inside the base of the L-shaped sofa and beneath the floor via hatch doors.

The listing was posted to a Facebook group called the Indianapolis Tiny House Community, which includes Hoosiers who are living tiny and others who are thinking about it. The group can help with local resources and answer burning questions (like where to park a tiny house legally).

Interested? Hurry—the listing has already been viewed more than 7,000 times.

Want to Buy It?

Price: $40,000

Contact: Owners Taylor and Lad Shore, listing info