Lil Bub Makes Big-Screen Debut

The famous feline from Bloomington gets a role opposite Kevin Spacey and Christopher Walken.
Lil Bub, working alongside Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Garner, makes her big-screen debut next month in Nine Lives. The famous feline from Bloomington made headlines after being featured in the movie’s trailer, and the film is set to release August 5 in theaters nationwide.

Spacey plays Tom Brand, a workaholic father who needs a last-minute birthday gift for his daughter Rebecca (Malina Weissman). Even though he hates cats, he decides to get one for his daughter and stumbles upon an unassuming pet store owned by Christopher Walken’s character, Felix Perkins. Things get a little weird from there—in large part due to Spacey’s character turning into a cat. Lil Bub is one of many furry friends in the movie, but might be the most recognizable name to Hoosiers.


Lil Bub gained national attention after being found in a shed in Bloomington in 2011. Facing several medical issues as the runt of a feral litter, Lil Bub garnered sympathy and support from fans throughout the country. Now happy and healthy, Lil Bub is thriving as a talk-show host, author, and, most recently, movie star. You can buy Lil Bub merchandise or opt in to receive Bubdates on her personal website.

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