Mastering the Tweed Ride

How to fit in on the coolest bike ride in town
I say, fancy a cycle? If you prefer to mix bike rides and haberdashery, IndyCog’s Tweed Ride (Nov. 2, is for you—a leisurely romp in the style of bygone British touring. This year’s route begins at Shoefly Public House near downtown and meanders through historic neighborhoods with pub stops and, indeed, time for tea.
1. Get dandy. Vests and baggy knickers aren’t required, but if you want to get into the spirit, scour Grandma’s attic for clothes in hardy fabrics. Add a pageboy cap, maybe a ruffle or two, and you could be crowned Dapperest Chap or Lassiest Lass.
2. Saddle up. Your mighty steed need not be from a forgotten time. Bikes from any epoch are welcome on the Tweed Ride, from rigid, high-wheeled “boneshakers” to carbon-fiber speedsters. Gawking is encouraged.
3. Smell the roses. The simple acts of cruising and chatting about bikes were once considered worthwhile endeavors. No one cared about calories burned. Go ahead—indulge in some old-school perambulating, guilt-free.
This article appeared in the November 2013 issue.