Culture Q&A: Darius Rucker

Hootie frontman Darius Rucker visits the Klipsch Music Center on June 27, this time in support of a country album, <em>Southern Style</em>.
How often do people call you Hootie these days?

It’s so rare now. In the late ’90s, it was the norm. When I named the band Hootie & the Blowfish, I never thought people would call me that. It never crossed my mind.


You topped the rock charts in the ’90s. Now you’re climbing the country charts. What genre is next?
Oh, no. When it’s over in country music, it’s going to be time to go fishing.


I read that when your first album hit No. 1, you cried. Do your friends tease you about that tendency?
They know me, man! I’m going to get off the phone, my daughter’s going to say something cute, and I’m going to cry. I think it comes from being a songwriter—being able to express your emotions.


Who inspires you these days?
We went to see the Black Crowes, and lead singer Chris Robinson came onstage in a white jumpsuit and a pink boa. And he killed that stage. Dancing around, swinging the boa. At that moment, I thought, “I’ve got to change everything I do.” The show before, I stood like a statue in front of the mic. The show after, the guys were asking me, “Who are you?”


You’re a big football fan. Is Andrew Luck going to win a Super Bowl anytime soon?

The Colts made so many great moves in the offseason. The Frank Gore move, that was the coup de grace. I still think Frank has a lot in his tank. So yeah, of course I think Andrew Luck is going to win a Super Bowl, if not more.