Quiz: The City Of Light

Are you in the dark about the witty lights that have been gaining in popularity around town? Test your knowledge now.

Pithy neon witticism have been popping up inside of businesses all over town. How many locations can you identify? No peeking at the key at least until you’ve noodled the clues we’ve shared.

1. Three generations of women run this spot in the former Black Market Space.

2. In this bustling Nora nook, Kent embraces the daily grind.

3. Call it a gastropub if you want; just don’t skip the brisket nachos.

4. Take one of our summer date-night suggestions to see it for yourself.

5. Shoppers expand their wardrobes with the two-week color challenge.

6. It’s only 94 miles to Cuba from here. Sound a little fishy? It is.

7. A day-to-evening outfit that always fits, no matter how many muffins you eat.

8. Everything is aboveboard here, inspired by three-hour dinners in Italy.

Give Up?

(1) Bodhi, 922 Massachusetts Ave. (2) Illumine Coffee Co., 8517 Westfield Rd. (3) The Oakmont, 323 N. Delaware St. (4) Daniel’s Vineyard, 9061 N. 700 W, McCordsville (5) The Wild Bohemian Boutique, 84 S. 9th St., Noblesville (6) Tipsy Mermaid Conch House & Cocktails, 135 S. Main St., Zionsville (7) Parlor Public House, 600 E. Ohio St. (8) 317 Charcuterie, 61 City Center Dr., Carmel