Parlor Public House Has A Stunning Day-To-Evening Look

Parlor Public House
Coffee and cocktails rule the day (and night) at Parlor Public House.

Seth Doles, co-owner of Lockerbie Square’s new coffee-to-cocktail bar, Parlor Public House, found a surefire corrective to this past year of solitary life. Chock-full of chic, comfy vignettes and plenty of that good warehouse-style natural light, the former Smash Social pingpong venue invites customers to sit down and stay for a while. “This space was big enough that we could create alcoves and rooms,” Doles says. “Folks feel like they have enough room to spread out, as if they’re in somebody’s home.” By day, customers sip locally sourced coffees and specialty drinks (like lattes flavored with horchata or butterfly pea flower) in seven little living rooms arranged around a loft. At 5 p.m., the blackout blinds begin to come down, the music turns up, and the menu expands to include thoughtful libations like the Chasing Tail, made with mezcal, habanero bitters, and Topo Chico, and a barrel-aged gin sipper called Better with Age. 600 E. Ohio St., 317-610-0106