See the Film Trailer for John Green’s Paper Towns

It looks a bit like <em>Gone Girl</em>, minus the meanness.
The trailer for Paper Towns is upon us! Nearly three minutes of footage brings the John Green–penned novel to life, starring The Fault in Our Stars holdover Nat Wolff and model-slash-actress Cara Delevingne in the lead roles.

The film, from director Jake Schreier and screenwriter Scott Neustadter, will release nationwide on July 24. Before that, more morsels from the making-of and red-carpet moments await, no doubt, with author Green sure to be in plain sight. He’s reportedly been a bit more hands-on with this film than he was with TFIOS, and dutifully tweeted about the trailer’s release this morning:

Green also appeared in a quick Insta-clip alongside another Paper Towns star, Halston Sage, before going on Huffington Post Live to talk about the movie today.

TFIOS grossed more than $124 million stateside, part of its $306 million haul worldwide, in 2014.


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