Meet Zionsville CrossFitters

Don’t worry if you puke your first time at CrossFit. Or even your second trip, or your third. Realtors, doctors, college kids–here all are ready to sweat, even suffer, together.
When you’ve pushed your body so hard you seriously question whether you’ll be able to walk back to your car to drive home, you just don’t have the energy to sweat the small stuff. Regardless of profession or passion, everyone at CrossFit Zionsville’s 6,000-square-foot warehouse—the “box,” as they call it—understands this.

At this Saturday 8:30 a.m. group-exercise class of about 20, there’s laughter in the air as CrossFitters greet each other and stretch. “The community aspect is the greatest asset that we have,” says box owner Ali Ott. “You come in and everybody greets you and makes you feel like you’re a part of a family.”

The jovial mood shifts, though, once the medicine balls come out. Coach Amanda Minton pairs a wide-eyed newcomer with a vet before barking out the day’s workout: Hurl a weighted ball at a high target 50 times, run 200 meters around the building with the ball, shimmy up a rope from the floor to the ceiling five times, run another 200 meters with the ball, do 50 pull-ups, and run again. Repeat. As many times as possible. For 30 minutes.

Friendly faces turn stern as the competitive nature of each duo emerges, and by workout’s end, all eyes are glued on a whiteboard where teams tally their reps.

The box draws a multitude of workout masochists. The average member is in his or her late 30s or early 40s. The oldest is in her mid-60s, while some aren’t yet teens. Differing abilities means workouts sometimes must be catered to the individual. Can’t do the 15-pound dumbbell thrusters? Climb a rope instead. Have trouble with pull-ups? Try resistance bands.

Whatever you’re doing, just push through ’til the clock runs out.