Overheard at the Indy Eleven Game

Eavesdropping at the city’s new soccer team’s inaugural contest.

The Indy Eleven’s inaugural game didn’t spur on a lot of scoring, ending in a 1-1 draw (tie) against the visiting Carolina RailHawks, but a sellout crowd of 11,048 relished the new squad‘s showing Saturday night at IUPUI’s Michael A. Carroll Stadium. (And hey, they didn’t lose.) Here, some attendees sound off in quick bites:

“Even the terrible seats are great!”
—Fan hiking up the stands just before kickoff

“What the hell is a RailHawk anyway?”
—An Indy fan taking issue with the visiting team’s mascot

“Is that a Jamaica van?”
—IUPUI student peering over the field and onto New York Street

“Give it to the IU guys!”
—A phrase repeated a few times

“Daddy, what do I do when I start falling asleep?”
—6-year-old girl just after halftime

“Who’s responsible for building the giant scoreboard that’ll block that view?”
—Regarding those crafty onlookers standing atop the parking garage across New York Street

“They’re totally ripping off other teams’ cheers.”
—Said of the Brickyard Battalion superfan section’s chants

“If you look at the scoreline, it kind of says ‘IndyCar.’ How culturally appropriate.”
—One observant fan, looking at the scoreboard displaying “Indy” and “Car[olina]”

“Use your left foot for once! You’re getting paid right now!”
—Top-of-the-stands fan after an Eleven player blows a breakaway shot

“I don’t have service. How do I not have service?”
“Because everyone here is on their phones.”
—Friends discussing their temporary First World problems

“What? They can tie?”
—An incredulous attendee, after teams begin shaking hands

“If you don’t want to be stepped on, don’t wear flip-flops to a soccer game.”
—Tipsy game-goer to his girlfriend/companion

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Laura Kruty and Adam Wren contributed reporting.

The Indy Eleven’s next game is April 19 against the Tampa Bay Rowdies, also at home. For more information about the team and schedule, visit indyeleven.com