The Replay: Dungy and Dog Ghosts, Pacers, and a Marathon Man

The Losing-to-Pittsburgh-and-Those-Horrible-Uniforms Edition
Last week we debuted The Replay, your weekly roundup of the best, worst, and just plain offbeat stories in the sports realm. They’ll always be local; they may be national or even global. But we trust they’ll all be worth your timeout.
» The Ghost Dog Whisperer  An inquisitive fan took to Twitter to test former Colts coach Tony Dungy’s knowledge of the supernatural. Dungy, though, had a thoughtful reply:

The wisdom of Tony Dungy, everyone.
» Gold Gagger?  The good folks at Sports Illustrated have ranked your Indiana Pacers as one of the five least-entertaining NBA teams for the 2014-15 season. Even so, season tickets are still available.

» Advanced Analytics  Extreme Pacers fans might want to check out GQ’s audacious attempt to preview all 1,230 NBA regular-season games. Tonight, according to the magazine, “Roy Hibbert annoys his teammates by telling them he’s getting really into podcasts.”
» Looking Like (Several) Million Bucks  Hinkle Fieldhouse shows off its $36 million makeover on Saturday when Butler hosts the University of Chicago in a preseason game. The renovations to the basketball gem, built in 1928, include a new state-of-the-art digital scoreboard, but we’re hoping someone shows the 86-year-old fieldhouse how to work the remote.
» Whatever  Tom Brady said nice things about Peyton Manning.
» But …  Our current quarterback is helping cure childhood obesity. Andrew Luck: future surgeon general?
» That Stung  After winning five straight, the Colts’ 51-34 loss to the black-and-yellow–striped Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday had us feeling all …
But no worries. The Blue Crew are still atop the AFC South standings and get a chance to redeem themselves on Monday Night Football against the New York Giants.
» Now Read This  A story seldom seen in the sports pages—but one worth your read—was this profile in The New York Times of two-time Olympian and Indianapolis businessman Bob Kennedy. “He is not an amateur who dreams of becoming an elite professional,” writes  “but a once-elite professional who has finally learned to become an amateur.” The 44-year-old co-founder of the BlueMile running stores is racing in Sunday’s New York City Marathon.