The Replay: Wabash–DePauw, A.J. Foyt, and Malcolm Gladwell

Monon Bell Edition

» Bell of a Game: The Wabash College Little Giants and DePauw University Tigers meet for the 121st time in the annual “Battle for the Monon Bell” on Saturday in Crawfordsville. The two Division III programs first met on the football field in 1890; Wabash, winners of five straight Bell games, holds a 58-53-9 series advantage. New to the rivalry? Here’s a quick primer on the game:
DePauw—snappier dressers
Wabash—better at everything else, including football
» Hoo-Hoo Who? The Indiana Hoosiers try to make the state forget about their recent off-the-court issues when they open the regular season tonight against Mississippi Valley State. Which could be a good way to make people forget about the program altogether. Freshman James Blackmon with a reminder.
By the way, Stanford Robinson says he’s sorry: I am always Being watched so every little decision I make is critical. Young ones look up to me. I have to be somebody they can look up too. I’ve made bad decisions but my bad decisions do not define who I am. At the end of the day I’m a regular person but to be playing for Indiana I have to understand it is a privilege to wear the candy stripes and I apologize #Hoosiernation for the Embarrassment. But I’m ready to move on from that and be a better hoosier!
» Old Oaken Bucket Game Preview? New Yorker thinker/writer Malcolm Gladwell tells Bloomberg Businessweek that football is a “moral abomination.” Watch:

» Fighting Words? Rick Fuson, president of Indiana Pacers Sports & Entertainment, says the franchise is done talking about that one thing that happened with that one team that one time:

The ownership and management of the Indiana Pacers have received numerous requests for interviews regarding the 10-year anniversary of the incident at the Palace of Auburn Hills. In the aftermath we repeatedly expressed our regret and disappointment but after a number of years came to a collective decision that we would be moving on. Therefore, we will not comment further and instead continue to focus on the positive accomplishments of the team and the franchise on and off the court. We are grateful to the community and our fans for their continued support.
Here’s Grantland’s excellent oral history on the topic.
» The Truth Laid Bear: When Jay Cutler came to Chicago in 2009, Bears fans were suckered by the native Hoosier’s potential. But even after Sunday’s 55–14 loss to Green Bay, they’re still willing to believe pretty much anything about their QB. Fooled by a fake story in The Onion in which Cutler laid the blame for the team’s 3–6 record at the feet of the team punter, a few Chicago fans displayed genuine, if not slightly misplaced, outrage:


 » Breakdown: Sports Illustrated puts Andrew Luck and Tom Brady under the spotlight with a video in advance of Sunday night’s meeting between the Colts and Pats. But this one’s better:

» Speedy Recovery: Indy 500 legend A.J. Foyt underwent triple-bypass surgery in Houston on Wednesday. He’s listed in stable condition. (Here’s a list of all of IM‘s Indy 500 covers, including one that features Foyt.)
» Pacers Win! Thanks to a rash of injuries, this is how the beginning to the Indiana Pacers’ season has felt so far:
So even though Thursday’s win came over the LeBron-less Heat in Miami, there was nonetheless finally something to cheer:
» Now Read This: Sports Illustrated‘s Chris Ballard writes about an NBA player moving forward after the suicide of his girlfriend.