What Will Zeller Do? An Amish Man Knows

Believe the beard!

Forget the NBA mock drafts and IU fan sites. Amid the speculation about whether Cody Zeller will go pro or stay in school (the latest from Peegs.com, an IU-sports blog, has him announcing within 48 hours that he’s leaving), your best source may be the Amish guy who installed my dad’s windows.

He was part of a crew that worked on my dad’s farmhouse in Bloomfield (southwest of Bloomington) last November. The man—who lives near Zeller’s hometown of Washington—told my dad that he had recently given one of Cody’s brothers a buggy ride, and the elder Zeller had assured him that Cody would don the candy-striped pants again next season.

Maybe I’m wearing crimson-tinted glasses, but this sounds just crazy enough to be true. After all, Hoosier fans can rattle off the reasons Cody should stay: get stronger, work on finishing at the basket, refine his jump shot, chase a title, earn his degree.

The part that concerns me is that things have changed since November. Back then, Cody was touted as the potential No. 1 overall pick. Following what some have deemed an underwhelming sophomore season, his NBA draft stock has slipped a bit.

But until we hear from the Big Handsome himself, I’ll believe the beard.