Unspoken Rules: Palladiscope

A manner-festo for the architectural cinema at Carmel’s Carter Green
Photography by Tony Valainis
  • The shifting images on the south face of the Palladium are set to music.
  • Bring a chair and/or a blanket.
  • The original production Eos: The First Dawn is celestial-themed.
  • New shows will be introduced as the seasons change.
  • The display repeats every half hour, starting at sundown.
  • As it gets darker later or earlier, that time adjusts, so double-check it if you’re headed there in spring or fall.
  • Just outside The Tarkington is a popular viewing spot, but don’t block the entrance when a show is letting out.
  • On a cold night, nab a parking spot and face north to watch from the comfort of your car.
  • On a crowded summer evening, be prepared to hoist tots onto shoulders.