Unspoken Rules: Winterlights

A manner-festo for catching the holiday spirit at Newfields.
  • The entry times have increased to every half-hour. Google a sunset calendar before buying tickets.
  • Borrow someone’s 3-D glasses if you didn’t hear about this new option. They transform lights into snowflakes.
  • But you have to buy them online in advance.
  • Dress warmer than you think you need to if the temperature will be in the single digits.
  • Charge your phone first.
  • No sneaking into Lilly House through the back door. Or through the front with a beverage.
  • Buy a toasty drink inside. The lines are longer outdoors.
  • While rubber-necking at the Tree of Toys, remember the name Karl Unnasch. He’s the sculptor who built it.
  • Hit the gift shop at the end to avoid schlepping around a Robert Indiana coffee-table book.
  • Best photo: Snowflake Bridge.