Video: Jon Stewart Rips Indiana Congressman

U.S. House rep Larry Bucshon speaks in a House committee hearing on climate change—and reaps the host’s wrath.

A Congressman has lit Jon Stewart’s fire again, and this time, it’s an Indiana Republican. Enter Larry Bucshon.
During a meeting of the House’s Science, Space, and Technology committee, Bucshon, who represents the Hoosier State’s 8th district in Southwest Indiana, got into an argument with White House science advisor John Holdron on the topic of new air-quality regulations to address climate change.
Stewart played a clip of Bucshon’s comments about the issue. “It’s not about affecting the global temperature and climate change,” the House rep says. “There’s public comments out there that that question has been asked and answered, saying no.” Holdron says in response, “You should look at the scientific literature rather than the public comments.”
At this, Stewart, as is his wont, riffs on the exchange: “With all due respect, Representative Bucshon, I suggest you read the Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, as opposed to the YouTube feed of obummerlies1776.”
Check out the video here, starting at the 5:55 mark: