Best Calorie Burn

Even adults jump for joy at Skyzone Indoor Trampoline Park once they get out there and bounce up a sweat. Don’t fear the face-plant—grab a pair of issued sneakers and hop to it! 10080 E. 121st St., Fishers, 572-2999,

[1] Don’t leap onto the trampoline out of the gate and expect to land on your feet. You’ll need time to find your balance. Step onto the court, bounce gently, and build up to some height.

[2] Embrace the wipeout. Parents watching from the sideline love it.

[3] Your kids will think it’s cool if you master the front flip into the foam pit. Go ahead—it takes more courage than skill.

[4] Bouncing off the angled walls isn’t as easy as it sounds. Aim high, touch with your feet, and push off strong.

[5] On the dodge-ball court, kids do a good job following an unstated “no hits to the face” rule, and it’s a great way for shy ones to interact.

[6] Take quarters for a locker.

[7] On Saturdays, go mid-morning to avoid the crowds.

[8] This is no place for weak bladders. (Ask a mother.)

Photos by Tony Valainis

This article appeared in the December 2012 issue.