Best Vintage Market: Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace

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The parking-lot Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace moved indoors to the Fountains Conference Center for the season, meaning lovers of the retro look can keep clearing space for bargains like these, found in October 2012. Next sale: November 30, 2013.

Swissair travel case: $10

“I’m going to use it as my laptop bag for work.”
—Jan Michael Bennett, art director, Indianapolis



Cross-stitched artwork: $20

“I’ll hang it in my house. Hopefully. My boyfriend’s never going to let me put this up.”

—Jill Thixton, shop owner, Indianapolis



Mannequin: $15

“He’s going in my bedroom. I’m going to hang my scarves, coats, and jewelry on it.”
—Kim Smith, government employee, Geist



1970s Schwinn: $120

“I’m going to ride it to my boyfriend’s house. He lives close by.”
—Paige Danner, event planner, downtown



King picture: $10

“My friends have a king-and-queen theme in their house. It’s perfect for them.”
—Jae Park, interior designer, downtown



Pair of mid-century chairs: $37.50

“My friend bought these. She’s going to re-cover them.”
—Marlena Woods, paralegal, Pittsboro



Photo by Tony Valainis

This article appeared in the December 2012 issue.

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