Best Meat Empire

It was only a matter of time until high demand for the dry-cured and fermented charcuterie at Goose the Market spawned an offshoot. The only question now is how to use the sexy cold cuts from Smoking Goose Meatery, located on a side street downtown. Here, clockwise from top-left, are some tasty ideas. >> 407 Dorman St., 638-6328,

Dry-cured pork jowl, $6.60/8 oz.
Eat it: On the BLT of your dreams.

Gin & Juice Salami
Lamb cured with juniper and orange peel, $21/lb.
Eat it: Cubed and speared in a Bloody Mary.

Pig & Fig Terrine
Coarsely ground pate enhanced with port wine, $10.80/8 oz.
Eat it: At room temp with grainy mustard and crackers.

Black-Truffle Bologna
Lightly smoked forcemeat studded with earthy hunks of truffle, $10.40/12 oz.
Eat it: Fried in thick slices and layered on white bread slathered with mayo

Cured pork back fat, $7.80/8 oz.
Eat it: Shaved paper-thin and arranged on crusty bread in lieu of butter.

Note: Quantities of pre-packaged cuts vary daily. Prices reflect recent availability.

Photo by Tony Valainis

This article appeared in the December 2012 issue.