No. 10.5 β€” The Food Trucks


Did you think we could write a roundup of this year’s culinary new arrivals and not mention the food trucks? Not when every week, some new brightly painted box van was tweeting its whereabouts, offering everything from gourmet mac ’n’ cheese to Korean burritos. But let’s be honest, not all food trucks were created equal. If we are going to stand in line for lunch, outside, in all kinds of weather, with not a table in sight … well, then the food had better be good. The trucks that held up their end of that deal (following in the tire tracks of last year’s Duo’s and West Coast Tacos) include Scratch Truck, which assembles a grilled cheese with red-wine–braised short rib, caramelized onions, and arugula that spawns midday cravings, and a banana pudding featuring a single Pepperidge Farm cookie in place of the vanilla wafer. The portable Indian food at Spice Box, and Seoul Grill’s spicy pork tacos will flush us out of the office faster than the ice cream truck. We love Some of This! Some of That!, especially on days when it serves catfish po’ boys with red beans and rice. We also praise Taco Lassi for (finally) bringing a decent fried-fish taco to town. Keep on truckin’.


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