Cool The Burn At Chile Y Limón

A shaved ice treat in a rainbow of colors, topped with fruit.
Cool the Burn

Tony Valainis

If you’re trying to locate Chile y Limón (6250 W. 38th St., 317-430-7474), the Latin snack shop selling fruity Red Bull shaved ice and Cheetos-stuffed burritos, just look for the building with a Technicolor menu and music booming from within. Once you find the ice cream parlor that Beatriz Cardenas opened in 2018, throw your notion of authentic south-of-the-border sweets out the window. More popular than nachos are poutine-like fries piled with deeply smoky bits of carne asada lavished with Day-Glo cheese sauce, guacamole, and pickled jalapenos. “Dogos” (hot dogs) come bacon-wrapped and sauced with every condiment in the book. Regulars slurp their ice cream–topped, chamoy-rimmed treats and dig into hulking cups of fruit crowned with puckery candies and sweet and spicy sauces. For an entry-level refresher, go with a fruity snow cone like this one topped with watermelon sorbet and condensed milk.