February 2018 First Bite

News and notes from the Indy dining scene.

Swoon: Rize

You might call it a quiche. But that would be missing all that’s special about chef Natalie Wall’s luscious, light-as-air egg tart at Rize, Cunningham Restaurant Group’s gorgeous ground-floor brunch spot at the recently opened Ironworks Hotel. This deep-dish stunner with a buttery, flaky crust rises as high as a soufflé, filled with Wall’s hearty, flavor-forward accompaniments. Showered with a revolving array of roasted veggies—crisp broccolini, for instance, and butternut squash—the tart has a salty edge from plenty of Gruyère and a sweet tang from a fuchsia swipe of hibiscus mustard on the plate. Crowned with crunchy, bright pickled red onions and radishes, this is a breakfast with true substance or a lunch that will fortify you for whatever comes your way. 2721 E. 86th St., 317-843-6101

The Feed


Indy’s Cunningham Restaurant Group called dibs on two recently closed downtown restaurants: Cerulean, which will become a coastal Italian concept, and Old Point Tavern, to be rebranded as a Nashville hot chicken spot. NEW GRIND Liberation Roasting opened its own coffee shop at 79th Street and Zionsville Road. SPANISH LESSON Txuleta Basque Cider House has set up shop in the space above Brugge Brasserie.

Pinch of Wisdom

“Spend less time looking for the perfect recipe and more time learning a technique. Buy a whole chicken and a boning knife, and watch YouTube to learn how to break it down into legs, thighs, and breasts.”
–Josh Hall, chef and co-owner of Rad’s, a small sit-down deli that opened in Carmel last fall