Happy Hour: Ironside Viking Tavern, Provision, And More

Where and what you’ll find us drinking this week.

Let’s start off with two American classics: a 32 ounce draft of Budweiser in a frosty mug from Workingman’s Friend (234 N Belmont Ave., 317-636-2067). Have two of these and you’ll forget it’s cash-only.

A smooth, citrusy gin Old Fashioned (you read that right), smartly recommended by the bartender at Spoke & Steele (123 Illinois St., 317-737-1616).

Spoke & Steele’s gin Old Fashioned

This is called the Girl Next-Door from Provision (2721 E. 86th St. Suite 200, 317-843-6105). Don’t let the name fool you, as it is extremely sour. Like a Sour Patch version of a cocktail. But it’s nice and cold over the crushed ice.

The Girl-Next Door, whose name is somewhat deceiving, from Provision

Finally, here’s a horn-full (trust us, there’s booze in there) of craft mead—a super-sweet alcoholic beverage made from fermented honey—at Ironside Viking Tavern (1065 W. Jefferson St., Franklin, 317-738-0312).

Drink like a viking at Ironside Viking Tavern