Swoon List 12.16.14

Five Things We Adore Right Now

The Swoon List compiles our latest food-and-drink favorites. They’re not ranked, just delicious.

  1. A thick and juicy dry-aged pork chop with caramelized Brussels sprouts at Spoke & Steele (123 S. Illinois St., 317-737-1616).
  2. Luscious pickled beets dressed with goat cheese, wasabi cream, and slivered almonds at Revery (299 W. Main St., Greenwood, 317-215-4164).
  3. The simple but flawless Garden Toast topped with mashed avocado, ripe tomatoes, cracked black pepper, and an added sunny-side egg at The Garden Table (908 E. Westfield Blvd., 317-737-2531).
  4. Crunchy slices of sourdough crowned with layers of bleu cheese, mozzarella, and extra-crispy bacon at the Traders Point location of Cincinnati-based grilled-cheese restaurant Tom+Chee (5650 W. 86th St., 317-334-1330).
  5. The roasted-veggie salad at Twenty Tap (5406 N. College Ave., 317-602-8840), strewn with copious amounts of roasted asparagus, peppers, fresh corn, dried cranberries, feta, and pumpkin seeds, and tossed in tangy pomegranate vinaigrette.